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7p0 Le Jeu

Play is a state of mind in which a voluntary activity, often governed by constraints, brings a subject into interaction with a fictitious environment. It invites to a field of exploration completely isolated from the context of everyday life. This year's theme therefore offers a paradoxical field of study where perspectives are renewed. The game offers an enclosed space of creation, without limits other than those imperiously imposed. In design, play is the exploration of awareness of limits and the ability to invent and innovate within them. How can interaction with them become a motor for creativity? Does the imagination have to be governed by borders to be propelled? The theme of this year is therefore part of a goal of framing intellectual practice, strength, reflexes, performance or sometimes even chance and offers a space where interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged, and the abandonment of restriction in a state of freedom is favored. The possible is for the man who thinks it. This is where there is play in man.

The team

Alex Bedard

Amelie Haeck

Flavie Legendre

Florence Rivest

Guillaume Vaillancourt

The contributors

Alexandre Chocron

Alice Picard

Andree-Anne Mercier

Antoine Blache

BangBang Workshop

benjamin lamingo

Camille Lefebvre

Camille Ouellet

Charles Comtois

Charles Desmarais

Charlotte Ratel

Christophe Dalpe

Claude Walsh


Cynthia Cloutier

Daniel LeBlanc

Elie Chap

Fanny Vassilatos

Franceska Delisle

Jana Taillade

Jean-Philippe Choquette

Jeremie Deschamps Bussieres

Joanie Brisebois

jonathan mendel

Joshua Lessard

Marc-Andre Yonkers Vidal

Marianne Beriault

Marianne Carpentier

Marie-Christine Dion

Marie France Falardeau

Maude Bonenfant

Maude Bonenfant

Maxime Archambault

Maxime Francout

Monika Janulevičiūtė

Monika Janulevičiūtė

By chance

Penelope and Chloe

Philippe Dionne Bussieres

Philippe Leduc

Philippe Matthew


Rachel Barrel

Samuel Charpentier

Simon Seguin

Always Correct

Tyrant Trieu

Tyrone Palmer

Victor Chauchat

Victor Tual

Vincent Tourigny


Theme launch

Magazine launch

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