Digital submissions

Here are the digital submissions received for the magazine 7p0 Le Jeu.

Alexandre Chocron


In our Western society, boredom is the most feared enemy of men. It is therefore quite normal that entertainment carves out a capital place within this culture. The game then becomes essential to fight this opponent. Whether you play it alone or with others, the game is a perfect distraction tool to forget about our eventual end. 

*proposal in video format


Rachel Baril


This project is a playful experiment taking up this classic childhood game that is the nook, to divert it from its primary function as a game in itself and present it rather as a pixel in an image. This makes it possible to provide support for the creation of a new game; Visuano. Visuano is a small program designed in Processing that acts as a visual piano, producing short animations when you press the d, f, g, h or j keys on your keyboard. The game therefore proposes to create visual rhythms from these images. This experiment was intended to be a revisit of classic games with the aim of offering a track for their renewals and their potential integration into new technologies.

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Simon Séguin


Pica Le Jeu

Surprise! * proposal in application format (Mac OS only)


Maxime Archambault

Infographiste() = script

By this example we understand why a lot of tasks are given to the computer: speed, cost, availability without any requirement in return. But the strangeness of her language can make her difficult to approach and by default becomes a sort of incomprehensible magical phenomenon that takes place behind an interface. Even in our midst, some scripts boast of being logo designers or whatever. At the moment, given the results obtained, there is nothing to worry about. We are still far from the machine with an aesthetic sense. This small exercise tries to highlight the importance as a graphic designer of learning to establish a closer cooperation with our main working tool. Learn their language, to give them personalized instructions and start having fun developing rules of execution. In fact, to become a kind of artistic director who plays behind the interface to establish his scales of creation and according to his aesthetic criteria, to choose the best result. The lesson to be learned: reduce the phenomenon of misunderstanding through play.

*proposal in Processing format


Marianne Carpentier

Gain, loss

The Game: Winning Loss is rooted directly in the niche of a certain narrative, as it translates the words "game", "gain" and "loss" into the visual order. The theme addressed in this project refers directly to the current theme of Pica magazine. The visuals are, moreover, produced using Processing codes, in order to enrich and accentuate the idea of ​​creating images from text, words and elements of syntax. These are therefore three exploratory videos formed from a generative structure under the theme of the game and the main issues associated with it (having fun, winning and losing). Thus, the first video refers to the playful and colorful aspect; the second is linked to the idea of ​​accumulation and reduction; then the last refers to dispersal and dissemination. Finally, this project is part of a personal series (under construction) on the theme of the dictionary.


*proposal in Processing format