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4p0 - L'Espace

Space relates to many disciplines, it sometimes designates a distance, sometimes a surface or a volume. The shape of a space is also very abstract and can vary from the vast plain to a web page. For its fourth edition Pica invites its collaborators to leave their comfort zone and explore new grounds in the notion of space.

The team

Arno Robin

Guillaume Lepine

Olivier Charland

Pierre-Olivier Forest Hivon

Sophie Pepin

Sophie Valentine

Stephanie Giroux

The contributors

Alexandre Liziard

Amy Jocey

Camille Miron-Sauve

Caroline Giroux

Catherine White

Claire Burelli

Daniel Tacho

Delphie Cote-Lacroix

Eliot B. Lafrenière

Etienne Dufresne

Etienne Ozeray

Francois Girard Meunier

Gabriel Jasmine

Hugh Langis

Jeremiah Descamps

Jerome Gagnon

Jesabelle St-Jean

Jesse Katabarwa

Jozef Ondrik

Julien Pacaud

Karolis Kosas

Marie-Eve B. Sevigny

Marie France Gaudet

Mathieu Bories

Mathis Pfaffli

Maude Thibodeau

Nicholas Greenhalgh

Niko Mahaljevic

Olivia Grandperrin

Olivier Mercier-Chan Kane

Pierre-Olivier Forest-Hivon

Ritxi Ostariz

Simon the Archbishop

Stephane Olivier

Tania Jiménez

Timothy Hunt


Vanessa Duval

Vincent Tourigny

Zea Beaulieu-April

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