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5p0 - La Perception

Perception is the phenomenon that connects each individual to his environment. Appealing to both senses, ideas, space and time, perception is an inevitable concept when it comes to visual communication. For its fifth edition, Pica asked its collaborators to provide their view on the subject of perception and create a set of interpretations of reality.

The team

Amy Joycey

Chloe Allard

Hugo Brochard-Fournel

Jesabel St-Jean

Raymond Lanctot

The contributors

Andree-Anne Dupuis Bourret

Arno Jan

Axel Gomez Ducharme

Baillat Cardell & Sons

Benoit Tardif

Boris Biberdzic

Camille Jacquelot

Celine Fish

Charles Desmarais

Charles Fortier

Charlotte Ratel

Claire Burelli

Cyrus Lognone

David Beauchemin

Dominique Petrin

Ed Fella

Eliot B. Lafrenière

Gabrielle Laila Tittley

Genevieve Masse

Jeremie Dussault-Lefebvre

Jeremy Driver Byrne

Jesse Katabarwa


Marie-Pier C

Maxime Francourt

Sebastien Roy

Simon Matthew Seguin

Vonda Ramires

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