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11p0 - Anomaly

An anomaly strays from rules and norms. It baffles us by being the exception to established principles and, even more so, by surpassing our imagination. Unexpected, surprising, disturbing, an anomaly is the exception to the rule. It is a deviation from the road ahead, inviting us to clear a new path. 


In the realm of creation, there are norms and there are boundaries. It is on the in-between  that everything and anything is possible. An anomaly is stunning because it takes us beyond our creative abilities. 


By disturbing the comfort we know, we allow ourselves to discover human diversity. Some try to eliminate these differences in favor of a homogeneous and sanitized unity. However, they have forgotten that the greatest treasures are found in diversity.

What if we became an anomaly? And if, to astound we disrupted conventions, broke patterns, dismantled norms and let go of the expected? Why not use our exuberance as a tool to provoke reflexions and disrupt, amaze? Let's be unique and noisy. Let us dare the unexpected and surprise others by instigating change.

The team

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