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The whim is thoughtless, sudden. Impossible to predict, it  comes out of nowhere, 

does not last, yet takes hostage all of our senses. It is a passenger of our mind. Along its path, it  infuses madness into the common. Its impulsiveness reinvents trends,  brings about non-conformism and fantasy.  A whim never gives a clue about its next move, and let us  discover what happens when one gives in to these intrusive thoughts, when one comes to terms with a whim's provocative character and charming extravagance.

Requests deemed too demanding, unreasonable, superfluous or reactionary

are often described as whimsical. We are quick to call capricious the

eternally dissatisfied around us. The word undeniably has a pejorative

connotation;  in everyday life, it is used to discredit or patronize. We believe the whim deserves to be seen in new ways, to be given new meaning  by questioning

its modern definition  and highlighting its essential character. 

After all, unpredictability is essential to the creative process and allows

any designer or creative to be filled with wonder  on a daily basis.

Let us all remember that disobedience is a vector of social changes.

Let us be inspired by the wild kid hidden in all of us.

Should we give in?

What is your whim?

submission deadline : February 6th  2022

27 avril 2023

Le Livart

3980 Saint Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M2

18h00 - 2h00 



PICA 14p0       Louis-Philippe Bélanger        Mathilde Bonin-Leblanc       Ève Laguë       Tamara Manny-D'Astous       Tamara Marcia Martel

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