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9p0 - Le Risque

Risk brings us back to the very sources of creation. To create is necessarily to put ourselves in danger, to take a chance. Risk is a difficult concept to delimit, which escapes the rigid contours of the definition. The human nature of risk makes him a very subjective concept: everyone sees it differently and the reactions to his presence are far from unanimous. For us, the risk is a non-place, the moment before success or failure, since to dare is also to risk losing. The risk is ambiguous, since it is always hypothetical: its product is partly a result of chance. Taking a step towards the unknown allows you to see new perspectives, get out of your comfort zone and explore new avenues. In the margin is a world of possibilities, forgotten or put aside, waiting to be explored.

The team

Pascale Alie-Crete

Raphaelle Auer

Marie-France Falardeau

Lea Mauthes

Paul Martel

The contributors

Alessandra McGovern

Alexis Quesnel-Denette

Alexy Prefontaine

Alice Demee

Alice Picard


Boris Grand

Camille Perreault

caroline busson

Charles Desmarais

Clemence Faure

Clemence Langevin

Emerik Derome

Emilie Hould

Etienne Aubert Bonn

Students of the DES4214 course

Eve Laliberte

Francis Desruisseaux

Franco Equality

Gabriel Sabourin

Genevieve Bigue-Turcotte

Helene Laforest

Israel Italian

Jack Curtis

Joey Desjardins

Johanne Roten

jonathan mendel

Loic Untereiner

Louis-Charles Lasnier

Marie Chenier

Marie Le Moigne

Matthew Jeanson

Maude Turgeon

Max Havey

Maxime Prevost

Micael Italian

Nadine Kolodziey

Nelly Desmarais

By default

Philippe Duguay-Blais

Philippe Matthew

Pierre-Marc Grenier

Fold Review

Ron Filion Mallette

Sean Yendrys

Sodom & Gomorrah

Tounü x Black Savate

Victor Begin

Victor Chauchat

Virginia Jamieson

William Thibault

William Thibault

Xavier Cyr


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