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Quentin Savignac

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rolling fire

Existence is performance and the act induces the consequence.

When there is launched, there is reception.

Very rarely, all are consenting and coordinated.


rolling fireexplores the interface between intention, act and reception.


The protagonist picks up, by the force of his intention, a light in full darkness. The meager spark disrupts the ecosystem of the room where the action takes place. Nearby elements all respond differently to change: variation on the camera sensor, reflection on adjacent surfaces, heat release, etc. The damage is limited.


However, the photosensitive paper is marked forever. The exposure was fatal. A dip in the developer reveals the extent of the damage. The result is unique. The final look is unpredictable.


It's a distorting mirror, a parallel image, out of focus. It illustrates this variation between the intention of the protagonist, the act, then the effect produced on the victim.


One person sighed, another was struck by lightning.

Time passes. We light wicks with impunity without knowing what is at the end.


Will there be a single photosensitive paper left unexposed?

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