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Digital version of issue 7p0, Le Jeu.

The game is a state of mind where a voluntary activity, often governed by constraints, puts a subject in interaction with a fictitious environment. It invites to a field of exploration completely isolated from a context of everyday life. This year's theme therefore offers a paradoxical field of study where perspectives are renewed. The game offers a closed creative space, without limits other than those imperiously imposed. In the field of design, play is the exploration in the awareness of limits and the ability to invent and innovate within them. How can interaction with them become a driving force for creativity? Does the imagination have to be governed by borders to be propelled? This year's theme is therefore aimed at framing intellectual practice, strength, reflexes, performance or sometimes even chance and offers a space where interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged, and the abandonment of restriction in a state of freedom is fostered. The possible is for the man who thinks it. It is there, in man, that there is play.

7p0 - Le Jeu (Digital version)

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