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Dilemma is more than a choice, it is an opportunity. This is an opportunity to open up to all possibilities, all stories and all points of view. Dilemma is about proposing solutions by exploring the gray area, looking away from paths already traced and trying freely. It is the possibility of being stunning.

The dilemma confronts, questions, stimulates reflection and opens up discussion. It is a moment that allows us to act with conviction, despite the uncertainty. The dilemma is destabilizing, confronting, intimate and common. It is necessary.


This twelfth edition of Pica magazine is an invitation to reflect and reinvent oneself.


The goal is not to find an absolute answer, nor to decide between two choices; it’s more about exposing yourself to the world of possibilities in between. Taming the dilemma means engaging in solution-oriented thinking. It means accepting to question ourselves and to be confronted with opinions that are different from our own. It is the reconciliation of antipodes and the emergence of new associations. The result can take many forms, but it will certainly be personal.


What is your dilemma?

12p0 - The Dilemma

  • 8 x 10.5 inches

    Quantity : 500

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