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The anomaly deviates from the norm and the rule. It tends to surprise us by being the exception to established codes, but above all, by going beyond our imagination. Unexpected, surprising, disturbing, the anomaly is the exception to the rule. It is a deviation from the path to be traveled inviting us to clear a new path of its own.


In creation, there is the norm and there is the margin. It is in the latter that everything can be reinterpreted. The anomaly is surprising because it goes beyond our ability to conceive.


By shaking the comfort that we know, it allows us to rediscover human diversity. Some try to eliminate these differences in favor of a homogeneous and aseptic whole. On the other hand, they have forgotten that it is in this diversity that the greatest wealth is to be found. What if we become an anomaly? And if to surprise we broke the codes. Break the rhythm, deconstruct norms, abandon the predictable? Why not put forward our exuberance to make people think, to disturb. And why not amaze? Let's be unique and loud. Let's offer the unexpected and surprise them by daring to provoke change.

11p0 - The Anomaly

  • 8 x 10.5 inches

    Quantity : 500

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