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Jeanne Benichou

Of voltage

Video to come

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Digital representation makes it possible to prolong a situation in conditions that do not conform to the same dynamics as the physical world. 


In  a context of hybridization of physical (or real) space with digital space, this association between "captured image" and "reality" raises real questions about the possibilities of interpretation of the image. By confusing here the perceptible space of the projection with the physical action of matter, the digital effect questions the relationship we have with regard to the visual representation and the experience of its object.


Here, the retransmitted image is partly generated in real time from a video capture. The effect then appears as a witness to the movement of matter in physical space, inscribing the visual representation in its tradition of objective reference to reality. The effect here acts as a bridge, a "non-place" linking two different levels of reality that make up the image of the projection. However, the digital effect here is a result of intangible and unpredictable algorithmic operations. It therefore also embodies, in a way, the ontological tear between physical reality and the digital artificial. He thus encourages us to reconsider the nature and authenticity of the image, as well as the relationship it maintains with its object of representation.

“This is a particular perceptual experience, [...] where the body finds itself simultaneously mobilized in two foreign space-times which do not respond to the same physical laws. Not only does the user enter unmarked spaces, in reversible times, at adjustable speeds, but he experiences himself here and there, simultaneously engaged in two different levels of reality. »

— Anne-Marie Duguet (2002). Foil image. Electronic and digital creations

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A piece of clay is placed on a record player. The movement variations of the material are then captured on video. The source images are then manipulated with real-time digital effects (configured beforehand on the Touchdesigner software), as well as with superposition and amalgamation with other moving images (selected beforehand). These different streams are then retransmitted live in the space located in the installation.


Physical matter and digital matter then merge, thus creating an ambiguous space where the real and the artificial meet.

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