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13p0 - The effect

Resulting from an action or natural occurrence, the effect transmutes its environment. Leaving us with a certain impression, it impacts our sensitivity and provokes our reactions. Varying in degree of perceptibility and temporality, it can be explosive, ephemeral, spread over a long period of time, subtle or resounding, consistent or inconsistent, intentional or unpredictable.


The final effect is scalable, iterative and transformative. In this sense, creation becomes the premise of effect, and effect in turn gives rise to subjectivity. The effect acts as the motor of the creative action, and becomes a beacon, a questioning or an objective allowing the evaluation of discernment. 


With this ability to create meaning comes a certain form of vulnerability, loss of control, but also of responsibility. We have the power to regulate affects, to transmit sensations that are played out beyond the limits of the tangible. There is thus a marvellous ground of exploration, a visual and sensory fight without limits between the creator and the viewer.


What is the desired effect, and what will be the effect caused?


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