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We inherit a house, a nose, recipes, a name, debts, defaults, traumas, a language and a reality. Heritage has blurry outlines, it interferes witn our identity in a way that is sometimes very tangible, and sometimes quite subtle, almost unconscious. Our differences remind us of the history that precedes us and we find ourselves questioning what builds us, what has been transmitted to us. In addition of the generational experiences, heritage is built into the core of progress. But inheritance is not only retroactive, since it arises above all from the relationship we cultivate with it. Our heritage is constantly being rewritten, each individual having an influence on social continuity and on the legacy that they leave behind.


Heritage is thus both past and future, tradition and innovation, stability and change, innate and learned, societal and individual, bequeathed and received.


Let us draw from our artistic, ideological, technological and personal baggage to celebrate the richness of our heritage and put our own spin on it.

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