Call for submissions

For its 11th edition, Pica Magazine wishes to be part of a committed multidisciplinary perspective where we invite you to take a stand and expose your point of view to make an impression and open a discussion. We therefore offer a call for artistic submissions encompassing : visual arts, video, print, installations, sounds, performances, as well as a call for texts that will respond to this new vision.


This year, the magazine opens up to a wider variety of disciplines, where the boundaries of creation between art and design tangle. In the submission call, you will find details about print, digital and writing submissions.

However, the magazine also includes a great launch party, so know that the management team is open to ephemeral projects submissions, including performances, installations, sculptures, large format prints, etc. If such a project inspires you, do not hesitate to send it to us within the submission deadlines.


You will need to provide an explanatory summary of your project (200-500 + words) as well as a model, visual references, or other documents allowing us to understand your approach. Do not forget to include your contact infos.

Everything must be concise in a PDF document sent to :

Your submission must be accompanied separately by an explanatory text of your project. The latter must be eloquent and present a reflection (of your point of view, your vision, your stand, etc.) The purpose of the explanatory text is to enrich your visual proposal and elaborate your thought process. Please note that everything will have to be related to the theme (between 200 - 500 words or more if your consider it to be necessary).


As much in terms of style and content, several avenues can be explored for this 11th edition of Pica. We seek to understand your vision, your point of view. We invite you to affirm yourself and break the rules to be disturbing. We challenge you to surprise us. Introduce us to what is unique to you, what makes you vibrate, what scandalizes you.


16 february 2020 midnight


midnight guys

For any questions or comments
write us at

NOTE : You can make the number
of submissions you want!

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