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6p0 - Le Langage

From a sketch of speech to imagery of caves, natural language is positioned as a universal need to communicate needs and emotions. It is a pillar of sharing and awareness of the other through an abstract system of thought, a real common thread between humans and, later, their environment. Outline of perception, language is movement, a sometimes distorted mirror of an imagined or anticipated experience, of an axis and a point of view, according to the process of the moment lived. Language imposes itself on a given situation, on a given space. It is a reflection of a society, a culture and its individuals. It is a meeting point, an engine of creation. Metaphor of reality in front of the abstraction of the constant dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious, we will seek to give a meaning to what surrounds us: an everyday gesture will become a signal, a sound or a line, word and writing. Language is also artificial, it is based on figures of speech, laws and rules that frame it and give it meaning. Language is a binder in the desert of our society, a place of creativity.

The team

Charles Fortier

Emile Lord-Ayotte

Hamie Robitaille

Orysia Zabeida

Simon Langlois

The contributors

Alexa Meffe

Anabel Roy

Anne Bertrand

Benjamin Lamy

Charles Desmarais

Claire Burelli

Claire Wheeler

Clémentine Maas

Coppers & Brasses

Cyrus Cyrus

Étienne Dufresne

Félix Meunier

Florence Rivest

Gabrielle Lamontagne

Jean-Philippe Fauteux

Jean-Simon Nolet

Jeremie Deschamps Bussieres

Jeremy Pilote Byrne

Jerome Gagnon

Jesabel St-Jean

Jesse Katabarwa

Jolin Masson

Julien Hébert

Karl Rivest-Harnois

Les Cousins

Louis-Pier Charbonneau

Louise Marois

Luca Bernardino

Madeline Berry Moore

Margot Cannizzo

Mathieu Dionne

Mathieu Huppé

Maude Dufour Gauthier

Maude Turgeon

Maylee Keo

Mélanie Laviolette

Michael George Haddad

Nestor Geldbaum FDN

Patrice Desbiens

Philippe Dionne-Bussières

Philippe Duguay-Blais

Phillip Niemeyer


Roxanne J. Baril-Bédard

Samuel Larocque

Sarah Babineau

Simon Séguin

Tu sais qui ™

William Lacharité

Yann Carrière

Yann Carrière

Yann Kaczynski


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